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Infowars Epic 52 hour live brosdcast of the US election taking place nov 8th....

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Frisbee style saps


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Welcome to D3Protection !

 I specialize in high quality hand made custom leather goods, I have been working with leather making saps and blackjacks since 2003, Although this site is dedicated to saps, blackjacks, and impact weapons. Please feel free to contact me with any custom leather working you may need.

All my products are made to order with the exception of the products in the Impact weapons ready to ship page, All prices are in USD. Wait times vary depending on the item and quantity.

Update on wait times :

Due to the volume of current orders, Turn around times are at 2-3 weeks.

 Please feel free to email me at with
 any questions you may have, thanks :)

*Please Note*

Shipping charges are not included in the price of any products on my website

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